Federico Aspesi Srl is a young over-a-hundred-years-old company.
In fact if on one hand his foundation was established in 1903, on the other the actual management is ruled by the fourth generation, the three Aspesi brothers, Federico Nicola and Antonio, all three 40 years old around.
From the beginning, the Federico Aspesi Srl, named Pasta, Tronconi & Aspesi, has put a processing and wholesale activity of shawls and carpets together with an industrial embroidering activity targeted to the production of embroidered scarves and foulards.
In the sixties, thanks to a remarkable investment in new Swiss made big embroider machines, this kind of industrial production has begun firstly majority and then exclusive.
Following the goal of products innovation, in the latest years the Federico Aspesi Srl has set-up a new needle punch process for finished fabrics combinations, covered by patent with the trade mark of Detessuto; then it was provided with new machines that partly represent the development of this process aiming to insert threads and other textile materials into the body itself of the treated fabric and to add in continuous ribbons and

sequins to fabrics that are devoted to middle-high range ladies and children wear.

These "rich" and innovative technological potentials stay as well-ground to a creative and elaborating skill that is committed to the internal style and research department ruled with dynamism and enthusiasm by the three Aspesi brothers themselves, helped from outside-factory qualified supports. Thanks to this intentional effort with the result of original and well-tuned colours and designs and of matter fabrics, the Federico Aspesi Srl works together in exclusive with some of the best names of the fashion system.

But the biggest part of the Federico Aspesi Srl sales comes directly by the own ultra elaborated seasonal collections showed every six mounts on the most qualified exhibitions as Premier Vision in Paris and Moda-In in Milan.
Agents in USA, West and East coast, Japan, China, most of European countries and all over Italy.